Project Description

Proudly Representing Samsung’s Digital Innovations in the most User-Friendly Way Possible

Samsung makes its return as a prominent Premium Partner of the Toronto Blue Jays, with a mission to bring fans closer to real-life action by introducing them to the most ingenious technology. Samsung strives to connect with fans and build a strong consumer relationship by making them touch, experience, and feel the digital experiences offered by Samsung.
The Blue Jays QLED enables the participants to feel as if they were playing the sport themselves. The intelligent Al-based activation has the ability to recognize your pitch movement, hence duplicating the exact same sequence and projecting it onto the QLED TV screen, as if you were the pitcher in the game yourself. This action-based technology helps the fans feel a deeper connection to the game, while also enhancing their experience with the innovative Blue Jays QLED Television, and improving their lifestyle.
CINCO is delighted to invite all Blue Jays fans on a journey of Samsung’s digital innovation at our latest Tech Hub, with an objective to make them excited for the upcoming launch of our new, exciting technology products, as well as welcoming them to a new era of the digital world, in the friendliest and accessible way possible. By creating a Samsung-oriented environment, we will be able to communicate with the fans on a much deeper level.
Not only will we share their love for baseball and the Blue Jays in highly unique ways, but we will also bring them a lifestyle-based digital experience of the game, enabling them to intimately feel the rush.

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