Project Description

Partnering with BRP Dealerships in the USA, to give their Maverick new offering the Attention and Audience it deserved

Cinco linked up with BRP Dealerships across the South Western USA, to help them generate the buzz their new Can-Am offering; the Maverick X3 deserved. We started by chalking up a Creative Retail Display that highlighted the Maverick X3’s rugged and cool persona and created a demand among its target audience. With a specific focus on Product Staging and a digital information podium that promoted dynamic learning, Cinco created the in-store design and had it fabricated for the dozen+ dealerships we ended up furnishing. The next step was to empower sales consultants and dealerships with the required tools that would help them effectively communicate the Maverick X3’s disruptive value proposition. A combination of our efforts allowed dealerships to draw attention to the brand in-store and connect more customers with their dream ride.

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