Project Description

Helping ElementAI Cement itself as a Leading Player in the Artificial Intelligence Industry by Crafting Unique Experiences

ElementAI – a start-up with a growing reputation in the Artificial Intelligence Community – came to Cinco with a two-fold challenge; to attract the best talent from all over the world to be a part of ElementAI’s HQ in Montreal and to cement ElementAI’s position as a definitive leader in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Challenge accepted we said and got to work, with the Neural Information Processing System (NeurIPS) Conference held in Montreal as our playing field. By creating a series of experiences at the Montreal Airport – the first point of contact for conference attendees – we enticed individuals to discover the beautiful city of Montreal. A booth was set up, where a team composed of Cinco and ElementAI employees indulged in meaningful conversations about ElementAI and the benefits of working in Montreal. Teaming up with government and municipal agencies like Tourism Montreal, we also provided lucky Participants a chance to win a unique adventure in the city once they took part in our augmented reality contest.

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