Project Description

Employing AI to help Casino of Montréal create a buzz at the Illuminart Art Exhibition during the Montreal en Lumiere Festival

The Illuminart Art Exhibition held during the Montreal en Lumiere Festival, is a winter celebration that attracts a crowd of over a million people every year. The Casino of Montréal, official sponsor of the exhibition, commissioned Cinco to raise awareness for the art exhibit. We set the ball rolling by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and the power of machine learning, to set up an activation- AI Merge, which was housed under an outdoor structure called Geodesic Dome.

AI Merge was used to produce original pictures using a blend of an art installation and the participant’s face. Festival-goers were then tasked with trying to match this unique creation with the appropriate art installation, thus creating awareness for the Illuminart initiative. With participants sharing the image of their art merge on social media, Cinco managed to create a massive buzz raising awareness for the Illuminart initiative and sponsors Casino of Montréal.

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