Project Description

Airport of Montreal (YUL) invites Airlines to fly to Montreal with a Proposal that Stands Out from the Rest

With uniquity in mind, the Airport of Montreal (YUL) embarked on a mission to encourage Airlines from all over the world to fly and operate in Montreal. As such, YUL partnered with Cinco to leverage Augmented Reality to create a Holographic representation of everything that makes the city and the airport special. The experience showcased Montreal from two different standpoints; “From the Head” for a business standpoint, and “From the Heart” for a pleasure standpoint. “In Numbers” section highlighted the efficiency of Montreal’s state-of-the-art Airport, its reputation as a hotbed for talent and the varied industries which trade with global markets. On the other hand, the “In Emotion” perspective emphasized the city’s tourist landmarks and hotspots with initiatives like Spring into the City, Summer Let’s Festival, Autumn Nature’s Brilliance and Winter Infinite Fun.

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