Project Description

A Winter Wonderland in the heart of the city

Brilliantly achieved lighting, glistening sculpted ice and inspiring artist performances are but some of the components we celebrate during the alluring Winter Festival season. With a nip in the air and warmth in their hearts festival goers enjoy the fun of Montreal en Lumiere, Carnaval and IglooFest through the Cinco lead Sponsorship of the Montreal Casino. Armed with fresh and unique innovations for all chilly festivals alike, Cinco helped the Casino plough their way to success. A virtual reality experience transporting you to a virtual gamified winter wonderland on your mobile device, allowed participants to have a digital interactive engagement while enjoying the great outdoors. The excitement continued with the use of custom sensor technology encouraging goers to let loose and dance in the utopia of a wonderful winter. From virtual engagement strategy, to live installation and everything in between; Cinco stands strong alongside it’s snow loving brands.

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